Comparing Ancient Greek and Modern Cultural Values

Always begin a project with a keyword list. Build on as you discover topics that may provide a fresh entry point into the research. Sometimes you have to think a little sideways when researching. By that I mean, would an article about gun control, or abortion possibly touch on the notion of cultural values? Can I extrapolate from a children’s storybook that this culture values humility, or obedience? How can I change up my search terms to slide into the article I need?

World Book eBooks In the lower left corner of the World Book site is a link to the World Book Products to which we subscribe. Select eBook. Then, search for individual key words like values, respect… Notice on the left one can limit to particular subjects and age levels. Picture books could be a great reflection of modern cultural values, however.

Teen Health and Wellness Use the search field for individual terms: values, respect…

Gale Power Search This will search thousands of articles and resources in the Gale group of products that can be viewed in full text. Read the blurb on each one to help determine if it will fill the needs of your assignment. Try searching ‘modern values’ for an article on promoting traditional culture while preparing students to be successful in the work force.

Gale Discovery Collection This database has a long list of popular topics already researched in the center. If you do not see what you need there, try a basic search on the left. Notice that once you do a search, Discovery will provide a list of other keywords or subjects in the left column that may be a short-cut to a better search. Add these to your keyword list for future reference.

ProQuest SIRS Start with a basic search here, or look through the subjects in the A-Z list. This database also has a Top Ten list of arguments already researched.


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