Gothic Literature

Always, always, always start your information finding journey by starting a keyword list. Jot down authors, titles, or terminology that is characteristic of Gothic literary works, to make your searches in the online and print resources richer.

We have pulled a cart of short story, and poetry books from our collection. These books have sticky note tabs marking examples of Gothic poetry or short stories. Teams may also search the Table of Contents and/or the Glossary for particular terms, titles, or authors to locate additional works.

From our own database collection, you might have success with:

Gale Discovery Collection > Literature > Literature topics, genres, movements. Do searches such as “Gothic poems,” or “Gothic stories,” or specific authors, titles, terms.

Ebsco > Novelist Plus > use similar searches as suggested for Gale.

ProQuest > eLibrary. Search by title, author, or other keyword.

ProQuest > LION > view the Poets on Screen selection. These are living authors reading their own works, and works of other authors who are deceased. OR click on “Literary Works” and do a search for Gothic Poetry or a specific author or title.

Gothic Romantic Poetry

Dark Poetry – Types of Poetry

Poetry Soup Be sure, on this site, that you are looking at reputable works. Scroll down on the left sidebar menu to ‘famous’ works. Or search a particular author or work.

Ten Great Poems for Halloween

Edgar Allen Poe

Some authors:
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Edgar Allan Poe
H.P. Lovecraft
Shirley Jackson
Ray Bradbury
Anne Rice
Peter Straub
Stephen King
William Faulkner
Joyce Carol Oates
Sylvia Plath


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