Gun Control/Violence

Frequently used Sites

Pathfinders Databases MHS Destiny Card Catalog Moline Public Library Teacher’s Blogs Staff Directory Student/Family Skyward Compass Learning Moline School District


Pro/Con Database: Homework Center-Social Issues
Gun control, Gun Control Megasites, Support gun control, Oppose gun control, Legislation

Gale Database: eLibrary
Search on “Gun Violence”

“THE NATION: “Groups mobilize to fight gun violence”

“Growing Up in a Violent World: The Impact of Family and Community Violence on Young Children and Their Families”

Gale Database: SIRS
Search on Gun Control:

Search on Gun Safety:

“’Senseless’ Is Not Studying Gun Violence”

“NRA Calls for Armed Guards in All Schools”

“When College Students Pack Heat, the Danger Grows”

“Does Gun Control Save Lives?“

Newspaper Articles
“10 ways to put brakes on mass shootings in schools”
December 14, 2012|By Nicole Saidi, CNN

The Washington Post
“The Solution to Gun Violence is Clear” By Fareed Zakaria,December 19, 2012

Other sites:
“Just Facts: A Resource for Independent Thinkers”

“Annotation: Firearm-Related Violence-What We Don’t Know Is Killing Us”. American Journal of Public Health.

Constructing Violence as a Health Problem


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