Social Justice Issues

Frequently used Sites

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The following links will take you to social justice sites that offer a variety of articles on an array of issues.  Browse several sites to select the issue about which you have the most interest.  Look at more than one article before forming an opinion.  Social justice IS open-mindedness.

Southern Illinois University.  The Nation. Many articles on several social justice issues.
Move from Social Justice to Human Rights Provides New Perspective
One World Global Justice  Guides to several issues.
Amnesty International – Use the drop-down boxes to select an issue.

MHS Databases:
Issues and Controversies:

Civil Union
MHS Database: Pro/Con

Racial Discrimination

US Dept of Health and Human Services.
Homelessness Resource Center
US Dept of Veteran Affairs

Global Issues
Hunger and Poverty


MHS Database: EBSCO: Several articles.

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