Romantic Poems about Death

Go to one of the sites listed below and search for a Romantic poet (either American or British). Then within your poet, search for poems about death or mourning.

Poetry Soup

Poem Hunter


  1. Once you have found a poem, please print it out.
  2. Create a Google Document. Name it your period #, your last name, and Romantic Poem. (2 Smith Romantic Poem).
  3. Analyze your poem carefully and compare or contrast the poem’s theme to one of the other works we have already read. (“Thanatopsis,” “The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls,” or “The Cross of Snow”)
  4. In this comparison or contrast, state the theme for each poem.
  5. The explanation of how the two themes compare or contrast must be supported with textual evidence from each poem.

*Print your work and be prepared to turn it in after fall break.*

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