20th Century Inventions

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MHS Media Center:

Selected books on INVENTIONS are recommended below. Remember that encyclopedias are a good place to start if you know nothing about your person or topic.

REF 503 McG McGraw-Hill Science Encyclo. of Science and Technology
REF 500 BAR The N. Y. Public Library Science Desk Reference
REF 909 GRU The Timetables of History (Science, Technology column)
REF 509.2 NOT Notable Twentieth Century Scientists
REF 503 VAN Van Nostrand’s Scientific Encyclopedia
REF Encyclopedia Britannica
REF Worldbook Encyclopedia

Web Sites:
About.com has a chronological list of inventions, by year.   page.http://inventors.about.com/library/weekly/aa010500a.htm
Also check out the A – Z listing on the top left of the above page: http://inventors.about.com/

About.com also has a list of women inventors.

The National Inventors Hall of Fame will allow you to search by the specific year or decade an invention was inducted in the Hall of Fame.

Enchanted Learning has a site that lists inventions by year at:

Totally Absurd Inventions is a fun site at http://totallyabsurd.com/absurd.htm It lists totally useless and amusing inventions. More for fun than a serious reference source.