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The Nine Planets: A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System. Loads of information on each planet. This site has been updated in reference to Pluto no longer having the status of a planet.
A good place to also find the Mythology connection to the planets.

Solar System Exploration. From NASA, lots of facts on each planet.

National Geographic. Solar System.

Exploring the planets:  Our Solar System. This is a good source for discoverer information, as well as factual information.

Planetary Fact-sheets. Lots of hard details, for those who are REAALLY into the hard science of Astronomy.

Probes and Fly-by Spacecraft. A short list from NASA of early planetary probes.

Planetary Science Spacecraft. A comprehensive list of planetary probes.

Planetary Missions (NASA). A very comprehensive list of past, present and future planetary missions. Contains detailed information.

What’s in a Name on the Planets? How the Planets got their names.

NASA Welcome to the planets. A good source for high-quality images from satellite fly-bys.

Planetary Mythology:

Windows to the Universe: Mythology. Planetary mythology.

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