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Slater Winter 2011

Some background sources on the Indigenous Peoples movement:

TED Case Studies: Khanty Mansi Oil Development TED (Trade and Environment Database) Projects is part of the American University, The School of International Service (Washington, DC) This study specifically mentions the Khanty peoples.

Ethnologue: Languages of the World. An encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world’s 6,912 known living languages

The World Wide Wed Virtual Library for Indigenous Studies.

Circumpolar Peoples

Pacific Studies Virtual Library

Tribes of the Amazon

Cultural Survival Organization

To find Individual Cultures:
Search Strategy Go to a high quality search engine like or Conduct a phrase search with keywords for each indigenous culture. Make sure you leave a space between each keyword and the plus sign. See the samples
+Khanty +”indigenous cultures” +environmental
+Penan +”indigenous cultures” +environmental
+Masaai +”indigenous cultures” +environmental

This search will return sites dealing with environmental issues of the named indigenous peoples. If this search is too restrictive, (it’s a very small cultural group), take off the environmental keyword and redo the search. You can also take off the indigenous cultures phrase to
enlarge the number of hits. However, be aware that this will possibly return sites that have noting to do with the cultural group, but another entity, such as a business company.

Image searching in Google or Yahoo:
When in the search engines, click on the Image button or tab. Enter just the name of the culture and hit the search button. This will return a thumbnail collection of graphics. Click on each one to view at full size, or click on the link to go to the original site for the graphic.

Journal Articles from online catalogue and databases
OCLS FirstSearch. (Choose the PerAbs and Wilson Select Plus databases) contains journal articles from science, literature, etc.
ELibrary. Newspaper, Journal articles, government reports, Newswire entries.
SIRS: Note: will have information only on the following ethnic groups: Australian Aborigines; Yanomamo; Ainu; Kung; Hmong; Kurds; Tibetans; Uygur (Uighur)

Search Strategy: In all the databases, type in only the name of the ethnic group. Generally, you will receive less than 30 articles on any one ethnic group.

Last updated 9/21/15

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