American Local History

AmericanLocalHistoryWebquest1  This is a word document and will be downloaded, open it and follow the directions.

Introductory Resources:

Quad Cities: Visit Quad Cities

Quad Cities: History

Quad Cities Convention and Visitor’s Bureau
Museums and History

Guides and Self-Guided Tours

warvisiQuad Cities Visitor’s Guide 2013

Moline Preservation Society

Rock Island Historical Society

Rock Island Preservation SocietyTours/Pictures:
Then click on the “Tours” tab and then the “PostCard” tab for different businesses, public buildings and other buildings.NYPL Research Library

NYPL Research Library. Historical encyclopedia of Illinois.

Quad Cities Connections

These book are from the Library of Congress, which can be read online. On the left of the page, click pdf, read online, or full text.
Davenport, Rock Island and Moline Their Interest, Industrials, Institutions

Three cities, and their industrial interests, with an historical and descriptive sketch of the national armory and arsenal, the location, manufacturing facilities, and business advantages of Davenport, Iowa, Rock Island and Moline, Illinois ..(1883)

Quad Cities Times. “Forging Ahead”


Industry and Technology

John Deere
Factory Tour of John Deere Harvester Works:
Tour of John Deere Pavilion

Rock Island Plow Company: Buford and Mitchell

Velie Carriage Company of Moline, IL:
Velie Motor Company:
Velie Engineering Compay of Moline, IL;  BiltWel Tractor:
Monocoupe Airplane:

David B. Sears’ Lumber Mill
Google Book:” Lumber and Forest Industry of the Northwest”h
The History Corner By Beth Carvey. David Sears House Sears House.pdf

Frederick Weyerhaeuser and Frederick Denkmann Lumber Mill:

Bettendorf Axle Company – railroad truck side frames–The-Quad-Cities,-the-Rai.aspx

Davenport Besler Corporation (previously called the Davenport Locomotive Works) specialized in locomotives–The-Quad-Cities,-the-Rai.aspx

Vincent Hugo Bendix – inventor of the Bendix drive for electric starters

William Voss – inventor of the first washing machine (non-electric)
Davenport home of washers

Alexander Victor from Davenport, Iowa
Invented the first electric washing machine in the U. S.
Invented the Motion Picture Camera and Projector

Otto Rhowedder
Invented sliced bread

The Bettendorf Brothers

Quirks and Fun Facts:

Made in the Quad-Cities:




Sear’s Dam

Lock and Dam No. 15
Upper Mississippi River Nine-Foot Channel Project, Spanning the Upper Mississippi Riverfrom the tip of Arsenal Island between
Rock Island, Rock Island County, Illinois and Davenport, Scott County, Iowa. Lock and Dam Complex 15


Railroad Bridge

Crescent Bridge

Iowa-Illinois Memorial  Interstate 74 Bridge
Upper Mississippi Valley digital Image Archive,%20Iowa-Moline,%20Ill.)/field/all/mode/exact/conn/and/cosuppress/

Centennial Bridge: this pdf contains some history of what the land was like before the bridge was built.
Centennial ParkTour

Sylvan Bridge

I-80 Bridge

Horse Railways:

Rock Island Lines:,_Rock_Island_and_Pacific_Railroad

J.W. Van Sant

Ferry Boat


Discovering Historical Iowa Transportation Milestones

Quad Cities First

Other Types:
Velie Carriage Company of Moline, IL:
Velie Motor Company:
Monocoupe Airplane:


Famous Moliners/Quad-Citians:

QC Online Famous People in the Quad Cities

NBC and ABC: The Guide to the NBC/ABC Duopolies in the Good Old US of A. By Mobile Pensacola Chung-Rather,+il&source=bl&ots=zu2R7gJE40&sig=SFWTG1ZaLE57JGBGtOzuUT62Kyk&hl=en&sa=X&ei=_4d_U_ioIYOmyATPwoGQBA&ved=0CD8Q6AEwAw#v=onepage&q=who%20were%20the%20founding%20fathers%20of%20moline%2C%20il&f=false

Visit QuadCities

David Sears
Biographical Sketch of David B. Sears

Bonnie Bartlett

Leon “Bix” Beiderbecke

Mrs. Minnie Potter

Riverside Cemetery
Find A Grave:

Chippiannock Cemetery
a book by Minda Powers-Douglas, have the main library order the book for you.

John Looney

John Looney Legend Tour

The Times. Gangster John Looney: The rest of the story: Descendants of Ottawa-born gangster have avoided crime


List of people discussed in the book “Echoes from Riverside Cemetery Moline, Illinois” by Kathleen Seusy, Diann Moore,Curtis C. Roseman and Regena Schantz. This book can be checked out from the Moline High School Library. This site gives a summary of the book:

Videos at MHS Media Center:
Echoes from Riverside; gone, but not forgotten
Call #: VIDEO 977 ECH
Coordinated by Barbara Sandberg and Lloyd Efflandt.
Published 1995

Echoes from the past a walk through Riverside Cemetery II
Call #: VIDEO 977 ECH
Coordinated by Albert Zimmer and M. Kathleen Seusy.
Published 1995


Immigration or Migration:

Swedes in Moline, Illinois 1847 -2002 (book at Moline Public Library),%20Illinois%201847-2002&by=KW&sort=RELEVANCE&limit=TOM=*&query=&page=0

Belgian Center(Old Towne)




New Deal:

CCC – Civil Conservation Corps

Black Hawk State Park

WPA Projects – Works Progress Administration

QuadCities International Airport

Centennial Bridge

CWA – Civil Works Administration

Improved the Levee and retaining walls on the Mississippi near the Davenport Municipal Stadium!917%20west%202nd%20street,%20davenport,%20iowa!davenport%20(iowa)/field/all!creato!subjec/mode/any!all!all/conn/and!and!and/cosuppress/

PWA – Public Works Administration

Rock Island:  1 Hospital, 2 schools – Longfellow and Frances Willard


War/Rock Island Arsenal
Rock Island Preservation Society

Rock Island arsenal, in peace and in war  (flip book online or pdf found at top of page)
citation info for this book at

War’s greatest workshop, Rock Island arsenal; historical, topographical and illustrative
to the left “View the Book”  then “Read online”

Civil War POW on Rock Island Arsenal
Quad Cities Civil War timeline

Local heroes:

Black Hawk War


Pop Culture/Sports and Recreation:

Marando’s Supper Club

Wharton Field House



Rock Island Independents

Rolle Bolle

From 1882 to 1927 the Watch Tower Amusement Park occupied the area that would become Black Hawk State Historic Site. Local businessman Bailey Davenport, president and superintendent of the Rock Island and Milan Steam Railway, developed the Watch Tower as a destination for his rail line.


Famous Visitors to QCA

Quad City International Airport
Augustans College Special Collections

General John Pershing

Lt. Robert E. Lee
Robert E Lee

Cary Grant


Primary Sources from Library of Congress:

Moline, IL 1869.
Moline, IL 1889.

Rock Island, IL 1889. Look for Sears Town.


Books Online:

John Deere’s “Farmer’s Pocket Companion”:

Three cities and their industrial interests, with an historical and descriptive sketch of the national armory and arsenal, the location, manufacturing facilities, and business advantages of Davenport, Iowa, and Rock Island, Moline, and Milan, Illinois–their commerce, population, schools, churches, and present condition
This book can be viewed online (look to the left on the page).

Books at MHS Library

Echoes from Riverside Cemetery Moline, Illinois
[ Paperback ]
Call #: 920.009 SEU   Kathleen Seusy, Diann Moore, Curtis C.
Roseman, Regena Schantz. Published 2009

The Grand Excursion of 1854 : the East meets the West
[ Book ]
Call #: 973.577 REI   Rein, Gayle. Published 2003

The silence of eternity
[ Book ]
Call #: 977.33 EFF   Efflandt, Lloyd H. Published 1989

Grand excursions on the upper Mississippi River : places, landscapes, and regional identity after 1854    
[ Book ]
Call #: 977.02 ROS   edited by Curtis C. Roseman and Elizabeth M. Roseman. bur oak book Published 2004

Moline, a pictorial history
[ Book ]
Call #: 977.33 PIE   [collected] by Bess Pierce. Published 1981

Moline : city of mills
[ Book ]
Call #: 977.33 COL    Collins, David R. Images of America
Published 1998

My Moline : a young illegal immigrant dreams
[ Book ]
Call #: 977.3 CER    Cervantes, John R. Published 1986

Rock Island : all American city
[ Book ]
Call #: 977.3 COL   Collins, David R. Images of America
Published 1999

The river and the prairie : a history of the Quad-Cities, 1812-1960
[ Book ]
Call #: 977.33 ROB    Roba, William. Published 1986

Illinois; a history of the Prairie State,
[ Book ]
Call #: 977.3 HOW   Howard, Robert P. Published 1972

A time we remember : celebrating a century in our Quad Cities
[ Book ]
Call #: 977.76 WUN    Wundram, Bill. Published 1999

Quad cities, joined by a river
[ Book ]
Call #: 977.33 AND   Frederick I. Anderson, editor. Published 1982

Oh, my stars ! : a salute to Big Swede and May
[ Book ]
Call #: BIO CAR   Carlson, Kenneth G., 1944-  Published 2010

Pioneer plowmaker : a story about John Deere
[ Book ]
Call #: BIO DEE   Collins, David R. creative minds biography
Published 1990

Rock Island lines a grand excursion
[ Sound ]
Call #: CD 977.33 ROC    Roald D Tweet. Published 2003

Grand Excursion 2004 river exploration trunks.
[ Computer ]
Call #: PRO CS 977 GRA  Published 2003

Echoes from Riverside ; gone, but not forgotten a walk through Riverside Cemetery
[ Film/Video ]
Call #: VIDEO 977 ECH   Coordinated by Barbara Sandberg and Lloyd Efflandt. Published 1995

Echoes from the past a walk through Riverside Cemetery II
[ Film/Video ]
Call #: VIDEO 977 ECH    Coordinated by Albert Zimmer and M. Kathleen Seusy. Published 1995

Moline Preservation Society is celebrating Moline’s 150th anniversary.
[ Film/Video ]
Call #: VIDEO 977.33 MOL Published 1998


Museums/Historical Societies

Rock Island County Historical Society
822 11th Avenue
Moline, IL  61262

Butterworth Center & Deere-Wiman House
1105 8th Street
Moline, IL  61265

Augustana Historical Society
639 38th Street
Rock Island, IL  61201

The Mississippi River Visitors Center
is located at Bldg 382 Rock Island Arsenal in Rock Island, Illinois. Rock Island Arsenal is located on Rodman Ave in Moline, Illinois.
Rock Island Arsenal Museum
Hours: Noon to 4 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays
Location: Building 60, intersection of Rodman and Gillespie avenues, Arsenal Island
Requirements: Everyone 16 years and older must show identification at the gate and tell the guard their destination on the island (all ages welcome); vehicles are subject to search, and no pets are allowed.
How much: Free
Information: 309-782-5021 or

Hauberg Museum
1510 46th Avenue
Rock Island, Illinois 61201
(309) 788-9536

The QuadCities Convention and Visitor Bureau

**RetroQuadCities (search Facebook for Retro Quad Cities)
**NOTE:  This is a Facebook site, so you cannot reach it at school, but it has several older pictures of the quad cities that have been uploaded by people from this area.


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