Civil Rights of the 50’s and 60’s

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Spring 2014

Databases; find the button at the top of this page and then the corresponding database to search.

  • SIRS under Proquest
    • An Excellent site to start.   Search by subject heading and type in Civil Rights (no quotes). This will link to hundreds of articles arranged by topic such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Issues and Controversies
    • Click on the Facts on File News Archive and select the 1940-1979 time frame for news stories and links. UNCHECK the World News Digest(1980 to present) and World News Special Features to avoid searching modern news.

Reference Books:

REF 920 DIC                   Dictionary of American Biography

REF 920                         AMEAmerican National Biography

REF 920.02   MCG           Encyclopedia of World Biography

Internet Sources:

CAUTION!   Read Internet sites dealing with civil rights very carefully!   Extremist groups have put up sites that look like they contain valid information, but upon close examination, contain grossly inaccurate or false information.

Civil Rights Movement Timeline and History

An Interactive Civil Rights Chronology.   Yale University.

The Library of Congress: American Memory. The Civil Rights Era.

Picture History Online. 178 photos and illustrations related to the civil rights movements.

Powerful Days. The Civil Rights Photography of Charles Moore

Brief Timeline of the American Civil Rights Movement (1954-1965)

Jackson Sun (Newspaper).   Jackson, Tn.   This is the story of the Civil Rights movement in Jackson, Tn. Very well done site, with lots of links.   Information is taken from The Jackson Sun (newspaper)

PBS. Civil Rights Leaders

Civil Rights Timeline From Rutger’s University.

Civil Rights Movement Veterans Website

National Historic Places of the Civil rights Movement. 49 places listed in the National Register for their association with the modern civil rights movement.

Civil Rights in America.   Sponsored by the History Teachers of the U.K. American civil rights issues form an U. K. perspective.

Specific Issues in American Civil Rights, 1950’s and 1960’s

CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964. Document Number: PL 88-352. Date: 02 JUL 64 88th Congress, H. R. 7152

Brown v. Board of Education
Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site – Includes a listing of the primary materials available to researchers in their library (in Topeka, Kansas).   History and Culture:  And a pdf of the court’s decision: brown KS district court

Brown v. Board of Education Archive: “documents and images which chronicle events surrounding this historically significant case up to the present” focusing on “Supreme Court cases; busing and school integration efforts in northern urban areas; school integration in the Ann Arbor Public School District; and recent resegregation trends in American schools.”

Actual Brown vs Board of Education document transcripts at the National Archives. Explore some of the links.

Brown vs. Board of Education. Many links to the background information on this case.     Landmark Case Biography Earl Warren (1891  1974) is featured.

Archive Library Information Center (ALIC):

Montgomery Bus Boycott.
Academy of Achievement.   The Hall of Public Service.   Rosa parks.   Make sure to click on the three buttons labeled   Profile, Biography and   Interview

Johnnie Carr.   A significant role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Civil Rights in America.   Sponsored by the History Teachers of the U.K.   American civil rights issues form an U. K. perspective.   Easy read, but well done.

For 1957 Civil Rights Act –

CORE- Congress of Racial Equality. Civil Rights Legislation.

For 1960 Civil Rights Act –

For 1964 Civil Rights Act –

Spartacus Education. Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Voting Rights.

For text of the Voting Rights Act, Passed Feb. 26, 1869


Complete text of the Voting Rights Act, US Code, Sec. 1971. Site managed by Cornell University Law School.

SELMA MARCH for Voting Rights 1965.

Non-Violent Movement.

Civil Rights Movement Veterans.   Observations on non-violence

The M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

The Philosophies and Strategies of the Non-Violence and Black Power Movements.

PBS. The American Experience: Citizen King. Non-Violence.

PBS: The American Experience. Eleanor Roosevelt. Timeline of E. R. and major Civil Rights events.


PBS.   The American Experience. Detroit Race Riots of 1943.

Little Rock, AR Central High School
Little Rock 40 Years Later The New York Times online retrospective & history.

Sanitation Workers in Memphis,TN.
U. S. National Archives.   Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Sanitation workers.

Martin Luther King.
The Web site of the Martin Luther King, Jr., Papers Project at Stanford University ( ) includes links to biography, articles, chronology, and reference sources about King. This site also has links to key King documents.

The Kennedys.
PBS.   The American Experience: The Kennedy’s and Civil Rights.

About Robert F. Kennedy.

Interviews with Thurgood.  A site that supports the book: Thurgood Marshall: American Reactionary. Also links to Marshall’s speeches, articles, etc.

Early NAACP work:


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