Pro/Con of the Atomic Bomb

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Created  Winter 2012

Facts on File database use key words: Manhattan project, nuclear test ban…

Gale Discovering Collections database: use keywords to narrow the search to applicable articles.

Pro/Con on dropping the atomic bomb on Japan

Debating the development of the atomic bomb, and the decision to drop it on Japan

Modern history: The Atomic Bomb.  Includes information about the development of the atomic bomb, and the decision to use it against Japan.

A wiki on which graduate students review books on American history, this particular summary gives insight and at very least offers new keywords on the subject of dropping the atomic bomb on Japan.

The historical role of German scientists in the development of nuclear weapons

The American Debate on Nuclear Weapons Policy

Truman library:

Third and final report to the secretary of the Navy:

Nuclear Power: The End of the War Against Japan By Professor Duncan Anderson.

DebatePedia. International Debate Education Association.

Common Dearms. Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community. Independent, non-profit newscenter since 1997.

Prethinking questions, lessons and follow up discussion on the attitude of the general public in the emotional aftermath of Pearl Harbor.

No surrender in WWII for the Japanese:

Dropping bomb was to protect Japan from total annihilation:

Japanese atrocities in the Philipinnes:

American prisoners of war:

Soviet Invasion of Japan:

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